• Case studies

    In everything we do, we highlight the remarkable power of authentic communication

    Change your
    world. Together

    In Northern Ireland, we partnered with The Office of the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister, and the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building.


    We shared ideas on how to build confidence, develop communication skills, and create a better future.

    Getting to know your future self

    Working with Aviva, and groups of young people, we discovered that the best way to imagine the future is to describe it, in conversation with others.

    Being authentic at work

    We worked with London's InMidTown business community, and The School of Life, to share ideas on better communication in the workplace.

    Unlock bigger dreams

    With O2, we created a series of films about collaboration - why we should all do more of it, and how.

    Did anybody ask the author?

    The publisher Unbound invited us to organise a day long workshop at the Globe Theatre, in London, with 25 leading authors, to reinvent an industry in decline.


    We created a safe space for authors to raise, and discuss, questions such as:

    • Should authors make their money like bands by going on tour?
    • Are online patronage and serialisation viable options?
    • If the author is networking, and closing deals, what's an agent for?
    • How could there be more diversity in publishing?
    • How do we communicate value for money?

    Several practical ideas, raised on that day, have subsequently been made real.

    What's on your plate?

    The Department Store for The Mind invited us to design homeware that might spark meaningful conversations.


    This short film shows what happened when we shared our plates with The Big Lunch.

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